Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

We would always prefer to answer parents in person, however, please find here a list of the frequently asked questions.

Why should I or my child, dance?

Because it is rewarding in so many ways. Our structured learning means that everyone benefits from a constant sense of progression. Dance teaches discipline, spatial awareness, communication using a combination of auditory, visual and kinesthetic skills. It is both confidence building and fun.

Are the teachers qualified?

Yes. All of our teachers fully qualified by the national governing bodies and well experienced in their respective fields. For specific teacher experience and qualifications please feel free to ask us. All teachers are also are advanced CRB checked.

Does Bastet train students for careers in dance?

The short answer is yes.

The long answer is that whilst we recognise that not every student wants to be the next dancing star, we do have a 110% commitment to student progression. The ISTD syllabus provides a framework for structured progression. As a result, many of our students have gone on to train professionally at Performers, Central School of Ballet and the Centre. Other students have returned to us as teachers and last year saw the first Bastet student selected into the Royal Ballet Junior Associate programme.

Does Bastet do Musical Theatre training?

We do have a musical theatre class, however, our focus is on creating a structured and evidence-based (through examinations) learning environment based primarily on the ISTD. Our Musical Theatre class is the opportunity of our students to bring together the skills developed in the structured classes and get used to combining their learning. We do recommend that students who want to pursue musical theatre join the singing and dancing classes separately to hone their skills in each area.

Do you hold workshops?

Yes. We do a range of workshops for different ages and levels of skill.

For the younger ones we hold an easter workshop where the children do singing, dancing, arts and crafts culminating in a mini musical.

We also hold workshops in our respective genres. In the teaching year we will be holding workshops in Ballet, Tap and Musical Theatre run by current industry professionals.