At Bastet we pride ourselves in the growth of our students. We feel that in many instances an external qualification provides students with a constant sense of progression, a recognised achievement and at the more senior levels something that can count towards UCAS points.

Classes at Bastet

Ballet is suitable for children from the age of 3. The ballet technique is the basis for all theatrical dance, at Bastet we encourage every pupil to attend at least one class although this is not compulsory. Ballet helps to build strength, posture and discipline in your child. It can also improve the technique required in all other dance genres. At Bastet we teach the I.S.T.D. syllabus which is taught by fully qualified teachers. We currently cover grades Pre-Primary - Advanced 1. Bastet also offers R.A.D in vocational grades only. From grade 1 and upwards we advise if possible to attend two classes a week.

Modern Theatre Dance is suitable for children from the age of 4. Once again we follow the I.S.T.D. syllabus; we currently cover grades primary up to advanced 2 level. The modern dance style uses travelling steps, turns, kicks, leaps and floor work to both lyrical and uptempo music. It is a fun and energetic style which helps to build strength and flexibility in the individual.

Tap Dancing is also suitable for children from the age of 4, again following the I.S.T.D syllabus. We currently cover grades Primary - post Advanced 2 level. Tap is a great way to make noise and beat out lots of rhythms with the feet.          

Children can start Greek from 5 years old. Classical Greek is good for control, strength and posture. The style is very expressive, creative, dynamic and props are often used. Within this class students also learn about Greek mythology. We currently cover classes from Grade 1 - Advanced 2.

Jazz is an open class; the purpose of Jazz is to learn different style’s of up to date dancing. We sometimes follow the I.S.T.D. syllabus if working towards exams doing the bronze, silver and gold jazz awards. Jazz is a fun relaxed class suitable for children from 7 years old and upwards.

Dainty Feet is an introduction to dance. It is suitable for children from walking to 3 years. This is a half hour class with parent or guardian participation. We cover basic movements such as bending, stretching, marching to nursery rhymes and also start to introduce a little ballet technique. We use different props such as chiffon material, musical instruments and the parachute. This is a wonderful way for your little ones to explore the joy of dance.

A fun class suitable for children of 5 and upwards. Here children get to sing, act and dance all in one. Students get to sing songs from musicals old and new, play drama games and dance some great routines.

A fun and energetic class where students can learn the basic soft shoe and hard shoe steps. Here they learn routines as individuals and in groups. Students also have the opportunity to audition in house for the Junior and Senior Irish dance troupe.

Combines modern and classical technique. It’s full of unpredictable and abstract movements. Although the movements can sometimes seem disjointed it relies on strong technique from the dancer. A wonderful class to build core stability and explore a different dance genre. For students 12 years and over.

Specifically for the boys; in this class students let loose learning technique, tricks, strengthening and routines aimed for the boys body, this is fun class for 7 and above.